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14th September 2019 2:00pm

Traditional Buratta Stretching

Presented by: Giuseppe Minoia, Vannella Cheese Co

CAN YOU BURRATA? How to twist and stretch traditional Italian Burrata

To make burrata in the traditional way, you need 3 things: beautiful quality milk, years of training, and a high pain threshold. Luckily, Guiseppe Minoia, a second generation cheese maker from Vannella Cheese, has these qualities in abundance. During this workshop, the Minoia Burrata Master will demonstrate the ancient craft of burrata stretching, all done by hand in close-to boiling water. There will be opportunities for a few guests to have a try at stretching the burrata themselves so reserve your seat now.


Over 40 years ago in a rural village in south east Italy, Vito Minoia was taught to make burrata the traditional way: a fresh, stretched curd cheese that is filled with creamy stracciatella and then hand-tied. Over the following decades Vito worked in some of Italy’s best cheese factories, before opening his own business Caseificio Vannella.
Fifteen years (and many awards) later, Vito decided to move his family and his cheese factory to Australia. First setting up in Cairns to be close to the dairy herds and buffalo, the Minoia family then moved to Sydney to bring the fresh cheese closer to the tables where it was being served.
Now at Vannella, the family make a variety of fresh, stretched curd cheeses that sing the traditions of their birthplace, along with cheeses and dairy products they’ve learned from the people they have met in Australia. They approach each with the same care for quality and authenticity.

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