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15th September 2019 12:00pm

International award winning cheese tasting

Presented by: Michael & Cressida McNamara from Pecora Dairy

Pecora Dairy is an artisan sheep dairy and cheesery founded in 2011 by Michael and Cressida McNamara. The farm is 200 acres, situated in Robertson, the Green Heart of the Southern Highlands, within 100 miles of Sydney. It’s here, where their ewe’s graze lush pasture and drink from crystal clear running creeks that they produce rich, creamy milk to make our seasonal ewe’s milk cheeses. Pecora’s overarching philosophy is a gentleness on the land, towards the ewe’s and in the production of the cheese. In January 2019, Pecoar was the first cheesery in Australia to be approved to make raw milk cheese. This completely unheated approach, is a totally new category of cheese in Australia. Pecora’s raw milk Yarrawa and Feta cheeses are a unique expression of the terroir of the land.

Join Michael and Cressida from Pecora Dairy for this fun cheese-tasting paired with Coolangatta Wines. This will be a masterclass in sensory cheese analysis where you will step through a tasting of the world’s best cheeses matched with Coolangatta wines.

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