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15th September 2019 3:00pm

A Day in The Hampden Deli

Presented by: Nick Gardner, Hampden Deli, Kangaroo Valley

Nick Gardner is the owner/chef of Hampden Deli in Kangaroo valley with his partner Stevie. Nick’s kitchen experience is like reading from a list of Australia’s best restaurants: Quay, Becasse, Pilu at Freshwater, Tetsuya’s, Eschalot, The Silo’s Berry, Restaurant Balzac. He also spent time in the kitchen at Napa Valley’s iconic The French Laundry.

In 2013 he was awarded the Sydney Morning Herald Young Chef of the Year and chose as his prize for this award to cook at 2 and 3 Michelin Starred restaurants in Spain, UK, Sweden and Netherlands. During this time, Nick gained a greater understanding for quality, different ingredients and preparation techniques.


Nick’s abiding passion has always been for local & seasonal produce and Hampden Deli has allowed he and Stevie full expression of this love and their love for country NSW. What they do at Hampden Deli is the essence of hospitality: the sharing of food, a love for local produce and a generosity of spirit that provides a service to their community through their school and their philanthropy.
Join Nick for this exciting masterclass, where he will demonstrate his favorite recipes using local and seasonal ingredients.

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